New Software Development reaching Final Stages

CodeLynx to unveil new commercial software.

After months of hard work, CodeLynx is excited to announce that its newest software application is reaching the final stages of development. This solution leverages the latest versions of popular web development languages including Knockout, Durandal and Breeze along with CodeLynx’s tried and true secure database structure.  The application will allow users to continuously improve quality and efficiency in their operations. The product will be available as a browser based web application and accompanying tablet version.

The next step is a Beta release for clients in the Hospitality, Physical Security, and Healthcare industries. Beta testing will help refine the final feature development and drive marketing efforts for the tool based on user feedback. If interested in becoming a Beta user, please email Jessica Heatley for more information.

Check back for future updates and we are looking forward to a full release in the near future.