What is Secure Distribution Center (SDC)?


SDC is a supply chain security tool that manages the secure tracking and release of high value, high volume, or sensitive shipments from distribution facilities. Opening lines of communication between guards at the gate, spotters on the yard, drivers in the cab and distribution office personnel makes for a smooth, secure, and efficient way of operating a facility.  Unlike traditional RFID technologies SDC leverages leading edge technologies, analytical tools and video verification to determine when and where anything moves on the facility. Any un-authorized movement can be identified and mitigated before the trailer begins moving or attempts to leave the facility.

Who’s it for?

Secure Distribution Center is geared towards any company that ships high value, high volume, or sensitive items. SDC is the perfect solution for the management, tracking and release of shipments at a facilities.  SDC is built to complement existing industry Warehouse Management Systems to round out the integrated supply chain.

How can it help you?

Go from paper to paperless. Secure Distribution Center, digitizes the logistics process.  SDC is a tool that streamlines the logistics process into one online application.  Whether you’re the organization manager, facility manager, spotter, driver, guard, yard manager or Distribution Office Manager, SDC allows you to efficiently reduce inside and outside threats, increasing efficiency of incoming and outbound shipments, as well as giving complete visibility to any facility in the organization.

SDC Solutions

While there are many providers for inventory tracking and supply chain management, how do manufacturers manage security at distribution facilities themselves? Theft of merchandise inventory, unauthorized site access, and exploitation of facility security vulnerabilities each increase cost and reduce efficiency for manufacturing companies across industries. Secure Distribution is a tool for secure supply chain management that fills this gap. Learn more here.

Benefits of SDC

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